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Richard AnuszkiewiczOp Art – Color on Edge

Op Art is returning to favor. Optical phenomena, visual contexts, light effects and kinetics are being rediscovered and successfully becoming, once again, a topic of artistic and media discourse.

We represent Richard Anuszkiewicz, pupil and protege of Josef Albers and American master of Op Art, remembered not only for his participation at the legendary 1965 exhibit „The Responsive Eye“ at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, but also for his participation three years later at the documenta IV in Kassel and in 1986 at the 42nd Venice Biennale.

Richard Anuszkiewicz is considered the most important representative of American Op Art. The "New Wizard of Op" (LIFE, 1964) has been masterfully working with colors and forms ever since. In 2010 Richard Anuszkiewicz celebrated his 80th birthday.

Richard Anuszkiewicz. Op Art – Color on Edge
We have curated an exhibit with over 80 works of art – a large-scale retrospective containing works from all of the artist’s periods. It contains over 50 paintings, some of which are of very large size, approximately 30 drawings, prints, limited editions, and a few rare, out of print multiples from the 1960s and 1970s. Additionally, two films (DVD) are available as an accompaniment to the exhibition, one of which is helmed by a young Brian de Palma and covers the legendary exhibit "The Responsive Eye" (1965, Museum of Modern Art, New York), in which Richard Anuszkiewicz makes a cameo. The other film shows Richard Anuszkiewicz at work in his studio.

Further information available upon request.